Andrew, Melbourne, Australia.
09/17/2014 8:32am

Carl's last correction is erroneous on two counts. First, *that* is fine as a defining relative pronoun. It is preferable to the non-defining forms *who* and *whom* where the antecedent is being defined by the clause introduced. Secondly, being wary of preposition-at-end is needless, affected, pretentious and stultifying.

09/17/2014 9:31am

*that* as used in the cartoon is not being used as a defining relative pronoun. In its series strictest sense, a defining relative pronoun would be "this car" or "that person," but in this sense, the correct INDICATIVE would be Which or Whom, since it is the object of the preposition..

09/17/2014 8:55am

The last correction is incorrect; "around" is a preposition also, so the proper correction should be "with whom no one wants to hang."

09/17/2014 8:56am

Or, "around whom no one wants to hang."

09/17/2014 11:08am

In this case, though, around is not being used as a preposition, because last I checked, prepositions don't modify verbs; around is being used to modify hang, as an adverb. "How do you want to hang? Just hang around. "

09/17/2014 11:47am

I agree.

09/17/2014 12:49pm

You can end a sentence with a preposition, the "rule" that you can't is a nonsense. Up with that shit I shall not put.

Loraine Lawson
09/17/2014 9:24am

So glad everyone got the joke.

Elizabeth Hinckley
09/17/2014 9:50am

You guys must be very popular around the office.

09/17/2014 11:16am

There are too many Carls who belong to Grammar Police!

09/23/2014 11:36am

The whole preposition-at-the-end-of-the-sentence thing comes from German, where verbs often have "separable prefixes" that can be moved to the end of the sentence. For example, the verb "herumlungern" translates to "loafing around". The prefix, herum, is a preposition that can be moved to the end of the sentence when needed.

09/23/2014 5:07pm

I'm glad you all enjoyed it enough to comment. I like to point out the stuff people say what ain't right. :)

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